After what seemed like an astronomical amount of preparation and
planning we finally took departure from our home at 6:30 AM in Merida,
Yucatan, Mexico.
First by foot then by bus to the city center toting two small back-packs
and our computer bag we boarded a taxi to the airport.
Our 15 day trip getting to Europe that began April, 19 took a
convoluted route on a variety of conveyances by foot, by bus, by taxi,
airplane, shuttle, ship, train and ultimately bicycle.
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2007 Getaway and Escape
2007 EUROPE TRIP PART 2 - destination Nordhorn, Germany
On the 19th of April Jane and I flew to Miami, spent two busy days
purchasing two folding bicycles and boarding a cruise ship for a 12
day trans-Atlantic crossing to Barcelona, Spain.
We spent a glorious fun-filled week in Spain sightseeing and stuffing
ourselves on their superlative cuisine.
Next we flew to Münster/Osnabrük, Germany via Palmas de Mallorca,
Spain and then crossed the snow-capped Alps on the way. Bicycling
north to our final destination of Nordhorn, Germany we took a four day
layover in the city of Rheine, ironically situated on the Ems River not
the Rhine.                  
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Our annual trek to Europe soon becomes convoluted. Jane spots a
one way trip (repositioning) of a cruise ship while surfing the web listed
with Freighter World.
In order to reap the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction out of our trip
our imaginations lead us to one of our favorite pastimes, bicycling and
how to incorporate this into our cruise ship getaway vacation.  
The ideal bicycle for this trip will be the small folding bicycles used by
yachtsmen and European commuters.         
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2005 EUROPE PART 2 - From Genoa, Italy to Nordhorn, Germany
OFF THE SHIP: After 18 fun filled glorious sunny days of cruise ship
travel aboard the MSC Opera with ten ports from Florida to Italy, we
reluctantly take departure from our posh floating abode and hit the
streets of the Italian port town of Genoa with our home made fold up
bikes and backpacks.               
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2005 EUROPE PART 3 - Destination Nordhorn, Germany
After more than a dozen trips to Europe ranging from two to five
months and visiting most countries, Jane and I have looked for peace
and tranquility. We also live to bicycle and love law and order coupled
with solid quality away from the tourist traps.  This place is a biker's
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Biking the Rhine River from Harrlo, NL to the Boden See
Our way home was with a 30 MPH tail wind that had us flying along
effortlessly. The only discovery was that our hands and feet were
completely frozen stiff from the icy wet rain. We will have solved that
problem before we make our departure for our trip up the Rhine River
to Boden See .The government was setting our departure date. April
30th is the birthday of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands …the richest
women in the world. The net result is that everything in Holland will be
closed that day. Then the next day the Germans have May 1st as their
day to shut down the country. So Thursday the 2nd of May will be our
departure date.     
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Biking and camping in Holland and Germany then across the
Atlantic on the freighter Irma and through the St. Lawrence
Seaway to Cleveland - 2001.  
 Our trip started in Merida, Yucatan,
Mexico with a flight to Matamoros and a hike across the border to
Brownsville, Texas where our camper and bikes were stored.                
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2003 Europe trip much delayed by war, our plundered finances
and the high euro.
This year Jane and I had a very wonderful and
rewarding trip to Europe where we spent seven weeks. Though we
only drove our camper van less than two hundred miles in all, we
managed to put more than ten times that mileage on our bicycles…all
nostalgically pleasant and fun.
We got together with many of our dear old friends from years gone by
to share our friendships and spend some quality time.
I have not gone into the full detail of our wanderings but instead just
given a sampling of our daily routines. Through photos and their
captions I will present to you a closer look into our travels because like
the old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
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Europe 2003
2004 Europe - Fresh Air is in two parts.   Part one is an essay by
John M. Grimsrud-
Dear reader; In this letter I will tell you about my observations of
events, people and places plus cultural differences between first world
and third world as I compare Mexico, Europe and the U.S. I am not
trying to put a negative spin or in any way degrade these places that I
love so dearly. This is just my critical critique, so I am not trying to be
negative, only comparative.   
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2004 Europe - Part two consists of photos of our favorite places in
and near Nordhorn, Germany where we rented an apartment and
visited beautiful places by bicycle.  
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