Items for Sale - Some items below have prices listed. On the other pieces we will consider
all offers.Contact information:
Wicker set - 3500 pesos
Chinese chest 40 inches c 21.5
wide and 24 inches high.  Camphor
wood lined.  More than 50 years
old.  Deep relief carved.
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Chinese tea table with 6 stools and plate glass top - deep relief carved
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5 foot round table with ceramic inlay
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Drop leaf mahogany table 2500 pesos
4 foot cast iron/wood slat park bench-
1200 pesos
4 foot diameter round table
7 rocking chairs of various
styles and wood. Prices range
from 1000 to 1500 pesos
depending on the type of wood.
Bent iron table b- base only -
500 pesos
6 chairs   make offer
Glass/stone desk 2 feet by 5 feet
g;ass is 5/8 inch polished with rounded corners with pullout keyboard tray  2.500 pesos
Noritake service for 12 - 90 pieces  
5000 pesos
Many  items - dishes, glass ware, hand painted Mexican barro, end misc. end tables,
paintings, wall hangings and tapestries