Valladolid Yucatan Market
Bicycle Yucatán's Valladolid, Yucatán
At the crossroads of Yucatán midway between Cancun, Mérida and Tulum with frequent
bus service, the location of Valladolid is as good as it gets.
Steeped in history, Valladolid’s location is second to none when it comes to visiting the
most famous nearby Mayan ruins of Chichén Itza and Ek Balam.
The authentic old Spanish colonial city still moves at a pleasant pace, has numerous
accommodations ranging from upscale to bohemian plus abundant dining options from
Mayan to Spanish plus Chinese and pizza.
This is a bicycler’s paradise that has the wonderful option of loading your bike on the
bus or
colectivo taxi in order to maximize your touring pleasure thus making Valladolid a
splendid base for sightseeing side trips.    
Valladolid - Guided bike tours and rentals
Visit the towns of the Mayas, past and present.  Bicycle and/or bus
trips into the towns surrounding
Valladolid, Yucatan.    
Uayma church near Valladolid Yucatan
Valladolid, Uayma and Ek Balam
Jane and I began this three day bicycle
excursion from Mérida with a two and a half
hour bus ride to Valladolid stowing our
bicycles below in the cargo hold while we
luxuriated in the cool air conditioned
comfort aboard the first class ADO bus,
(Autobuses de Oriente).
We are not strangers to this third largest
town in Yucatán and have stayed in every
hotel around the central park or zócalo at
various times over the years.
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Uayma church
The Caste War Route from Felipe
Carrillo Puerto to Tihosuco and
Valladolid, by Bike and Bus
This is the seldom visited crossroads one
gasoline station town of Felipe Carrillo
Puerto that has the historical significance
of formerly being the infamous Mayan
capital city of Chan Santa Cruz during the
Caste War where no European was safe.    
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Cobá to Valladolid
The perfect bike trip: The wind and sun
were on our backs and the temperture was
a cool 14.8º C. This incredible trip from
Cobá through Chan Chen 1, Xuilub, Xocen
and Chichimila to Valladolid is part of the
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Tixhualactün - Side trip from Valladolid
This off the beaten path and almost
suburb of Valladolid is in no way tourist
oriented, but has the unique feature of
having been totally overlooked and
Just a seven kilometer bicycle ride from the
central plaza, first south to Calle 49, then
east on Calle 49...
The most striking feature when you enter
Tixhualactún situated on the quiet as a
ghost town central plaza is the huge
crumbling old church, La Iglesia del Santo
Cristo de la Exaltación.  Viewing the flying
bats in the cenote in the center of the town
is an incredible experience...
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Chichimilá and Cenote
Mayan rebel Manuel Antonio Ay’s arrest
and execution in 1847 was a major factor
in the start of the Caste War. For
Chichimilá, the Caste War didn’t officially
end until 1975 when a treaty was signed
with the Mexican government.
Nearby to Chichimilá is a the cenote Xlakaj.
The people of Chichimilá have made
improvements to the cenote and it serves
as a recreation area complete with cabins,
restaurant and access to a swim in the
beautiful cenote...
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Twenty five years ago
when Jane and I first visiteds Tizimin,  we
arrived by train from Mérida.  Over those
years the town went from third largest in
Yucatan to second largest and it is a
mystery to me because the place has no
alluring magnetic cultural attractions. To
the north of town is Yucatan’s only real
cowboy country complete with huge
ranchos and lots of beef cattle and then
the Gulf on Mexico...
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Church in Buctzotz, Yucatán
Valladolid Re-visited

Much of the memorable events of travel
are found in good food. On our fact finding
journeys, we prize above almost everything
else splendid local foods. Here in
Valladolid nearly everything edible is worth
the trip...
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Behind me is the little church and further
back is the lighthouse prominently perched
upon the remains of an ancient Mayan
temple. The town has no stop lights and no
tourists except for two weeks around
Easter and then six weeks in July and
August when it is packed. . If you come off
season which accounts for ten months of
the year you can choose any room in town
that suits your fancy.  
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A Hub For Exploring Eastern Yucatán
Tizimín is an easy going, quiet town, and an  
ideal staging place for several seldom visited
delightful side trips, which include:
San Felipe, Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas, El
Cuyo, the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam, and
points in the Yucatan Peninsula.  
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RIO LAGARTOS  is a coastal fishing village
north of
Tizimín and Valladolid.The name
implies river of alligators, but there are no
rivers in Yucatán only alligators. Rio Lagartos
is situated within the nearly 150,000 acre
Lagartos Biosphere Reserve. Read more.
Hotel Villa de Pescadores
A special place on the waterfront in Rio
A place where you are treated like a special
friend - not just another tourist. For more
Valladolid Bicycle Rentals and Guided Bike Tours
Flamingos and the Gulf Coast Tour 2013 starts in
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