Books in the Yucatan Series:
Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips
Valladolid to Tulum
Yucatan's Magic-Mérida Side Trips
Treasures of Mayab
By John M. Grimsrud
Yucatan’s Magic–Mérida Side Trips: Treasures of
,and Yucatan for Travelers - Side Trips:
Valladolid to Tulum
 look beyond the obvious popular
tourist attractions, the luxury coastal resorts, and the
modern conveniences of big cities, to discover the unique
From the Puuc hills to the extensive coast of Yucatan there
are thousands of kilometers of paved quiet roads through
countless Mayan villages interspersed with colonial
haciendas, and ancient Mayan ruins, all there just waiting
for your visit.
This is photo-op and bird watching country that is the very
finest this planet has to offer.
Over a quarter of a century of driving, busing, and cycling
this unique end of the world, while living in Mérida,Yucatan,
Mexico, led the author to compile an impressive collection
of outings that are the foundation for these books, built
one story at a time.
For the armchair traveler and people that have been to
Yucatan before and think that they have done everything,
Yucatan’s Magic–Mérida Side Trips and Yucatan for
Travelers - Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum
will open the
door to another side of life not presented in tours or
guided excursions.
These aren't guide books but idea books. They are
something of another element to give you direction with
your guide books like
Lonely Planet or Moon Guide.
The book is not made to compete with guidebooks—it is
made to complement them.
In these books you will find the author’s favorite travel adventure trips of the places,
excursions and outings, which he likes for different reasons. Among them; tranquility,
history, a view of picturesque villages, a connection with the ancient Maya, changing
landscape, and a look at another aspect of life, which will take you out of the
mainstream and off the beaten path.
Many of the excursions have been by bicycle and bus. Bicycle and bus excursions in
Yucatan are by far the most inexpensive you will ever take and can be the most
rewarding in not only health benefits but also in memorable experiences.
For an adventure that takes you out of the mainstream to explore some of this
peaceful, and fascinating world, follow in the author’s path to the places without
trinket shops and tour buses.
Take a glimpse at some of Yucatan that tourists miss most!
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Yucatan's Magic collage
About the author, John M. Grimsrud
John lives with his wife Jane in Mérida, Yucatan, in an ecologically friendly home of
his design. He has been biking, photographing, exploring, and writing about the
Yucatan for over twenty-five years.
Prior to seeking a new life of adventure in Yucatan, Mexico,  he and his wife lived
aboard their home built 46-foot sailboat
Dursmirg for many years. John has
Travels of Dursmirg, a three book series about their life aboard Dursmirg.
The books are available in paperback and eBook editions online at booksellers
throughout the world.
The Travel of Dursmirg series ©2012 by John M.
Grimsrud is in four volumes:
Sailing Beyond Lake
Superior, Sailing the Sea Islands, Sailing the Florida
and Sailing to St. Augustine.

Sailing Beyond Lake Superior, Travels of Dursmirg
Volume 1
This adventure story began as an idea and unfolded into a
dream come true.
An obsession of escape materialized in 1972 with the building
and launching of the dreamboat,
Dursmirg. The motivations and
inspirations for the five year plan were hastened by the
revelation that youth only comes to you one time.
John and Jane went over the horizon and out to sea on their
adventurous voyage.
From Duluth-Superior, they crossed the Great Lakes to New
York City.  Snow turned them south. It was an enchanting
journey, and in more than one place they felt tempted to stay.
But there was always the thought of Florida driving them on.
They arrived in fairyland. Destiny planted them in St. Augustine.
The first winter in Florida’s waters they met incredible characters
and mingled with the natives who made them appear like
This story relates the exciting happenings and action-packed
personalities that forever altered their lives and changed its
This true love story that began with desires and aspirations then
molded into reality was a stepping stone and spring board for
the adventuresome life that took them to totally new
dimensions.  This is the first of four volumes in a series.

Sailing the Sea Islands, Travels of Dursmirg, Volume 2
Gone fishin’ instead of just a wishin’
On Thanksgiving Day, 1972, they anchored at Daufuskie Island,
South Carolina, their first taste of this enchanted land. They
were impressed with the beautiful islands that tempted them to
stay, but Florida was beckoning. They pressed on south through
Georgia to Florida, which was the culmination of a five year plan.
On May 22, 1973, after spending a glorious winter in St.
Augustine, Florida, they pulled their anchor and headed north.
Now they would be returning with the time to enjoy life to the
fullest. This wonderful new world that awaited them was filled
with dazzling surprises.
Sailing the Sea Islands is about pristine beaches, secluded
anchorages, fun loving people, fishing adventures, and seafood
experiences spiced with delectable southern cooking.
Jane and John had been neophytes when it came to salt water
fishing; they had a lot to learn and would discover the local tricks
for living out of the sea.
These experiences turned out to be among the very finest of
their lives, especially when they became acquainted with the
clever secrets and culinary delights of Southern cooking.
In this volume Jane has added her all-time best Recipes from
the Galley of Dursmirg, featuring Southern cooking focused on
Sea Island seafood using native ingredients.

Sailing the Florida Keys, Travels of Dursmirg, Volume 3
“We are going where the wind blows, when the spirit moves us,
and the price is right.” These were the driving forces that would
be fulfilled beyond their wildest expectations.
Using St. Augustine, Florida, as a home base, winter sailing
sojourns south always included the Indian River where lifelong
friendships were cemented, bountiful seafood harvested, and
anchorages were a slice of paradise.
Biscayne Bay was a cruising sail boater’s dream come true with
bountiful seafood, neat anchorages, and magical Miami there
when your desires were tempted.
Dinner Key, Coconut Grove and Miami were all pulsating with an
endless array or interesting things to do. Marvelous Cuban
restaurants, back to the earth sun seekers, and salty sailors all
added to the flavor.
Sailing the Florida Keys proved to be the best sailing, fishing,
and exploring to be found anywhere. They saw the Keys that
nearly nobody got to see; under its waters and away from
highways. West of Key West only boaters ventured… a Utopian
paradise for a privileged few.

Sailing to St. Augustine: Travels of Dursmirg, Volume 4
In Sailing to St. Augustine you will meet a mix of characters that
are entertaining, amusing, and witty, and learn about the history
of St. Augustine from the author’s perspective in his search for
the Fountain of Youth. John and Jane designed and built their
dreamboat, sailed away, and lived with nature, out of the sea
and off the land for fifteen glorious years— mission
accomplished.  Their dream came true.
In this final book of the Travels of Dursmirg series,
Sailing to St.
, they step into the world of St. Augustine and meet
the people, some of them rogues and social misfits, who made
their time in St. Augustine a one-of-a-kind experience.
St. Augustine had enticed and beguiled them from their first
encounter, and now they would find there an irresistible
opportunity to enjoy their new found lives to the fullest.
They would discover the story of the Fountain of Youth and the
intriguing history of St. Augustine.  Discover how St. Augustine,
as a home base, perpetuated their adventures into even more
far flung new frontiers.
This story relates the action-packed events and exciting
personalities that forever altered their lives and changed its
course in St. Augustine, a place caught in the cross-hairs of
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